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Our Environmental

Our Crane At InglesidePounding Mill Quarry Corporation places high priority on environmental issues, as it is from the environment our products are produced. It is also our position that safety and the environment go hand in hand. Not only the health and safety of our employees must be protected, but also the communities we work in.

To achieve the highest level of protection for all those concerned Pounding Mill Quarry maintains, upgrades and improves the quality of pollution control devices continuously. Staying ahead of regulatory thresholds and exceeding the minimum requirements set by our governing agencies.

Recycling is another way Pounding Mill has found to make a conscience and positive environmental impact. By reusing process water from our settling ponds, collecting used motor oil and scrapping old metal we have benefited ourselves, the community and the environment.

Wolfe Creek at Rocky GapReclamation has always played a vital role in being an environmentally conscience and active steward towards the environment. Pounding Mill maintains ongoing reclamation projects at all four of our active mine sites year round. This reclamation insures the community that the beauty that surrounds them today will still be here for generations to come.

Through regular inspections, constant maintenance, equipment improvements, recycling materials and reclaiming the facilities as we progress Pounding Mill Quarry Corporation has long proven a willingness to…

Take Strides to Protect the Outsides.


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